Q: I have a ______ that I need to store along with my vehicle. Can you accommodate that? 
A: Our facility is well-equiped to store a variety of vehicles, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles. Basically, if it has wheels, we can provide a secure location for it. Call us for pricing details.

Q: I have my own cover for my vehicle. Can I use it while my vehicle is stored at ASP? 
A: You may certainly supply a car cover or any other protective material you wish to use.

Q: Can i hook up a trickle charger                              

Yes, we provide trickle chargers however at a cost or rental fee. You are most certainly able to bring your own if you already have. We ask that you also bring a small extension cord should your vehicle be parked a distance away from the nearest outlet.

Q: Are there fleet discounts available?
A: Yes. Please contact us directly at zack@autostoragepalace.com to discuss.

Q: I need maintenance and/or repairs performed on my vehicle. Can you help?
A: Absolutely. Our future vision includes having an on-site mechanic shop and detailing service, however, until our vision is realized, we have an extensive network of trusted and qualified suppliers to meet all of your needs.  

Q: I want to store my vehicle in the summer, what are the in and out privileges?
 A: We are primarily a storage facility, therefore in an out privileges are sometimes difficult as each individual has there own scheduling. Contact Zack @ 647.802.6266 do discuss all options and possibilities.

Q: I do not want my car sitting dirty while in storage, can you clean my car?                     A: Absolutely, we have in house detailing services provided by some of the best detailers in the city. From basic exterior washes to full corrections, polishing and ceramic pro.




For storage and membership info, please call  647.802.6266